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 JULY 23rd - Aug 2nd-
ONLY $80 for TWO week workshop!


ALL participants receive scripts, costumes and props. 
All participants whether on stage or backstage get to KEEP their scripts!
 Everyone who  registers gets a part. No previous experience necessary BUT this IS for the SERIOUS theatre student!
We will perform the Broadway Jr. show


Welcome to KATA Musical Theatre Intensive where everyone gets a part. The goal of this intensive is to give young actors the fun and experience of putting together a scripted musical while setting the goals and expectations for performance VERY HIGH! This intensive is for the serious theatre student.  Registrations are due JUNE 28th!

         HERE’S the process:

1. Fill out the registration form. (The link is below. Print it out and then fill it out!)

2. Watch the Musical on YouTube and choose five parts that you would like to have. Here is a link(TBA) 

    Feel free to watch more! Make sure it's the JUNIOR version!

3. Make sure ALL the parts you choose you would play them ALL happily. If you will take ANY PART, make that one of your choices.  Understand that ALL the roles with A LOT of singing might require EXTRA AFTER HOURS rehearsals.

4. Mail the registration with $80 (for both weeks) in check or money order to: KATA c/o Jones 3144 Woodview Ridge Dr. #307, Kansas City, Kansas 66103   

          OR Bring the registration form and $80 to KATA summer theatre at Bethel Elementary 7850 Yecker, KCK between 8am and 3pm Mon-Thurs ONLY on or before June 28th

 Call Mrs. Jones for more info 913 961 2393. No registrations will be accepted after June 28th.

5. A REQUIRED PARENT and STUDENT ACTOR  'meet-and-greet-and-show-off-your-talent' will be held to give production details at The West Wyandotte Library 1737 north 82nd street Kansas City, KS 66112  (Date to be announced)

6. Show up at Kansas City Kansas Community College Monday July 23rd  at 8:00 am with a pencil, your script, your lunch, your snacks, and some SIT DOWN activity to do while you wait during rehearsals.

We will rehearse at Kansas City Kansas Community College Performing Arts Center EVERY day  from 8:00-3pm. EXCEPT Friday July 27th the college is closed. On that day we will meet at the West Wyandotte library 9am-3pm.    

                    Registration Form 2017 Musical Theatre Intensive